FTAM is a new organization located in the city of Milwaukee designed specifically to give a home to the
DIY experimental and avant garde arts community in Milwaukee. The goal of FTAM is to break away
from the mindset that progressive art, music and theatre cannot exist on its own and that it must come
from an established source and exist in an established venue. Together, we will return the art, music,
and theatre to the hands of the community and form our own arts scene. We will redefine the genre as
one we control, no one else. We will make this our own.

Peter J Woods, a local musician/playwright/performance and founder of FTAM, has been active in
Milwaukee’s DIY music scene since 2002 and Milwaukee’s independent theatre scene since 2005.
If you don’t know woods, the general rule is: you have probably seen something or heard of something
done by this man, you probably just don’t realize it. In 2006, he was named one of “the cities most
innovative art proponents” by the Shepherd Express, Milwaukee’s leading independent newspaper.