10/26/14- YOU GUYS! LAST MINUTE SHOW ANNOUNCEMENT! The night of halloween, I will be joining a quartet of incredible musicians which includes Jason Nanna, Amanda Schoofs and the absolutely amazing percussionist Tatsuya Nakatani. This is a HUGE honor for me and I would be overjoyed if you got to see it. Details can be found here.

10/5/14- Another long stretch without an update, but I don't have much to add here. Some new shows in the shows section. No new releases until spring. In the meantime, buy stuff you haven't picked up yet and come hang out with Jealousy Mountain Duo and Bad Luck if you live in Milwaukee. Cause it will be the best times.

8/15/14- This update is abit belated, as I have had minimal computer access over the past few weeks, but THANK YOU SO MUCH to everyone who made this past tour asincredible as it was. I am a lucky person to meet the people I do and see the performers I see and share what I consider some of the most important ideas I can think of. You are all amazing.

But now, back to the grind- First! Got a whole bunch of new shows on the shows page and you should check them out, ESPECIALLY the last Galactic Cannibal show EVER tomorrow. Those dudes are rad and I a excited to share the stage with them one more time.

Second! I put out this new LP and people seem to be really enjoying it. Here's what they are saying:
Peter J. Woods has made a president's address - Animal Psi
Woods manipulates silence to his own nefarious end, invoking a subtle terror through processed computer voices and the absence of sonic destruction- YELLOWGREENRED
Half-hour Behemoth- Tiny Mixtapes
High caliber shit... an unpredictable treachery, this isn't noise for noise sake, nor for shock value, nor for machismo, it's elaborate, beguiling, & filthy as fuck, and it's fucking excellent.- Antigravity Bunny

If you want to share in there enthusiasm, check out the store page. It also has a bunch of other stuff, including debut cassettes from LOT and Bridges of Konigsberg, both of which the village voice said you should listen to.

Third! The store! I mentioned it before, but it has a newsplit between myself and Kingston Family Singers as well as a brand new shirt design. Check them both out,ok?

Cya folks soon!

CONTACT- peter@experimentalmilwaukee.com