3/30/14- First, check the shows page. It's been updated yet again. New Tunnel Shepherd shows and a first time performance in the upper penninsula have been added!

Second, I will slowly be adding samples of the upcoming FTAM batch (set to be released on June 10th) to my new soundcloud page. This batch will include seven brand new releases, all involving me somehow. I have also embedded these files onto this page as well. The first track, a sample from the upcoming "Impure Gold, pt. I" release has already been added. So listen and tell every single person you have ever known.

Finally, if you have not made it over to the Peter J Woods Bandcamp page, I have added a bunch of new stuff to listen too, including a free download of my first full length "Fairweather Mask." Do listen and enjoy.

CONTACT- peter@experimentalmilwaukee.com