6/23- IMPURE GOLD II IS HERE!!! Well, at least the digital version is no available. You can check it out at the HeWhoCorrupts, Inc. page or you can just search it up on Spotify. If you want to pre-order the LP version AND get a download at the same time, you can head over to the bandcamp page and make it happen. LP's should be available in the next few weeks.

I am also now taking reservations for the Impure Gold Artist's Edition. The final cost of this collection will be $45 plus shipping. If you want to reserve a copy, email me here. This collection is limited to 50 copies and includes the following:
-Both LP's on clear w/ gold splatter vinyl
-A 16 page, full color booklet featuring writings by myself and photography by Gabriella Schwartz
-A dvd with three short films made by myself and a host of Milwaukee film makers

On top of all of this, the last installment of the Milwaukee Architecture series from Phoned Nil Trio is out now as well. Check out the store page for orders.

The next Mountain Language recording will also be available from HeWhoCorrupts on July 17th. Pitchfork did a nice write up for the first track we released, if you want a bit of reading material to go along with your sludge.

My split tape with Jason Soliday is still available from the fine folks at FluxusMT. We also got a nice bit of press from Vital Weekly, who do a good job of explaining the concept behind the tape as well.

Finally, I'll be playing a few shows over the rest of the summer. I'll slowly be adding more details as they come into play. Keep checking back to see if things have changed!

CONTACT- peter@experimentalmilwaukee.com