9/27- Getting settled in over hereon the east coast. Things are starting to feel familiar. Buried in some books, pushing my head above the pages to breath in a show or two. Things are good.

Got a bunchof shows coming up in the next two months. Pretty excited to get my foot in the door and unveil this new set I've been working on. Just came together this afternoon. Feel pretty awesome about it. Check out the shows page to see what I have coming up.

I've also finally gotten the FTAM distro up on discogs. Check out the listing. See if there are any jams you need to grip. Then grip them.

Finally, had a few review trickle in for Impure Gold, Pt. II. Check out what the experts are saying:
" An ode to the noise gods, creepy yet defiant in the face of convention" - Tiny Mixtapes
"If it appeals to you, please get in touch, as you’re probably the type of weirdo I’m looking to correspond with" - Yellowgreenred
"Those brave enough to listen are in for a one-of-a-kind listening experience" - Journal Sentinel

9/1-It's weird  to say and even just type, but I have moved across the country and amofficially a resident of Cambridge, MA. I will be herefor at least the next nine months and after that, who knows. Now that I have gotten settled in, the store is back open and I am once again working on new material I hope to debut by mid-November at the latest. If you live anywhere on the east coast and want to set up a show, please get in touch. I'm hoping to play as many places in the area as possible.

In the futures section, I don't have any shows currently ready to announce, but one Boston show in the works. I'll announce that as soon as details are hammered out. I also have a pretty huge back log of albums starting to amass and no home for most of them. If you are at all interested in releasing my music, do get in touch. Currently, albums from the following groups are either finished or are in the mixing phase:
-A new solo album (this one does possibly have a home)
-Nakatani/Nanna/Schoofs/Woods quartet
-Bridges of Konigsberg
-Phoned Nil Trio
-Bachlorette Party (formerly Schoofs/Woods Duo)
-Lambs Legs

In the past section, I still have copies of Impure Gold (pt. I, II and the Artist Edition) and HeWhoCorrupts, Inc. has copies of the new Mountain Language album. You can listen to allof these on spotify, but doesn't it just feel freat to hold physical albums in your hand?

CONTACT- peter@experimentalmilwaukee.com