7/27- One final update. The Impure Gold Artist's Edition is officially ready to ship. This edition includes both LP's on limited colored vinyl, a 16 page full color booklet and dvd. Ordering info can be found on the store page. I will have a limited amount of these on tour, but if you definitely want to pick one up and save postage fees, feel free to contact me and I will pack one specifically for you. I will also be halting any shipments for about a month starting thursday, so order in the next few days t make sure you get stuff soon.

7/24- Some minor updates: First, I am going on a brief tour in less then a week. Second, the latest Mountain Language release is available digitally. Third, Mountain Language is playing a show on August 10th which will most likely be my last show in Milwaukee before I move. Check all of it out.

7/9- So I guess technically itís not here yet, but UPS says itís showing up tomorrow, so Iím gonna roll with it: the Impure Gold, pt. II LP is now available. If you order in the next two days, I will ship this out on Saturday. If not, you will have to wait a week, as I am about to go out of town. Check out the store page for ordering info as well as information about the soon to be available artist edition.

I want to spend a little bit of time talking about this release, as I find it holds a lot of value for me in terms of my solo work. Within the context of my discography, Impure Gold represents the planted foot after a major turning point. Following some early explorations into a number of approaches, a sense of direction finally emerged on Four Corners, focusing on an introspective take on the power electronics genre. This approach developed through a number of releases and became fully realized with Fairweather Mask. Work within this genre continued until Songs for Nothing, at which point I decided that I needed to move on. I had run out of ideas that fit into this context and did not want to become a copy of myself.

This was when I started to fuse my theatrical and musical work. The theatre folks I had collaborated with for years had either moved or moved on, so it seemed like both a natural fit to combine the two and an opportunity to continue this theatrical work on my own (and in my mind, itís enhanced both). I see this approach following the same process as before: Fear represents this direction emerging, but Impure Gold shows the full realization. There is more exploration to do, but itís nice to sort of know what Iím doing.

Thematically, this collection acts as something of a capstone as well. In my creative process, the majority of my time is spent stripping away as much as I can. Removing sounds, removing words, and also removing those thematic elements that, while related, cloud what truly holds value. These ideas are often abstract, sometimes impossible to describe in words, but they are there. Impure Gold is about these ideas. That nagging sense of doubt that lies beneath the most trusted of institutions, both public and personal, ethereal and tangible. This work aims to find the flaws in those foundational pillars to better understand why the world crumbles and how to build a better alternative.

Finally, this work is important to me because of the time and effort put in. These albums represent only one part of a multimedia project that incorporated writing, photography, theatre, film and photography. I have lived with these works for nearly four years and have included countless of collaborators, from promoters to other artists who I cannot thank enough. It feels good (and somewhat bittersweet) to finally put this project to rest.

So there it is. All done. Thank you for listening. I hope you continue to do so.

CONTACT- peter@experimentalmilwaukee.com