8/15/14- This update is abit belated, as I have had minimal computer access over the past few weeks, but THANK YOU SO MUCH to everyone who made this past tour asincredible as it was. I am a lucky person to meet the people I do and see the performers I see and share what I consider some of the most important ideas I can think of. You are all amazing.

But now, back to the grind- First! Got a whole bunch of new shows on the shows page and you should check them out, ESPECIALLY the last Galactic Cannibal show EVER tomorrow. Those dudes are rad and I a excited to share the stage with them one more time.

Second! I put out this new LP and people seem to be really enjoying it. Here's what they are saying:
Peter J. Woods has made a president's address - Animal Psi
Woods manipulates silence to his own nefarious end, invoking a subtle terror through processed computer voices and the absence of sonic destruction- YELLOWGREENRED
Half-hour Behemoth- Tiny Mixtapes
High caliber shit... an unpredictable treachery, this isn't noise for noise sake, nor for shock value, nor for machismo, it's elaborate, beguiling, & filthy as fuck, and it's fucking excellent.- Antigravity Bunny

If you want to share in there enthusiasm, check out the store page. It also has a bunch of other stuff, including debut cassettes from LOT and Bridges of Konigsberg, both of which the village voice said you should listen to.

Third! The store! I mentioned it before, but it has a newsplit between myself and Kingston Family Singers as well as a brand new shirt design. Check them both out,ok?

Cya folks soon!

CONTACT- peter@experimentalmilwaukee.com