4/26- Well, I have made this announcement in a few other places, but I feel like I should probably say something here: this August, I will be packing up shop and moving to Boston. Obviously, this means a lot of things will be changing in the next few months, but I will be making as much music as possible in my new location. Some olf bands will be put on the back burner and new ones will be started, I hope. This also means that the website will change at some point, as I will no longer be a resident of Milwaukee.

But before that happens, I got some news for all of yas:

First, Impure Gold, pt. II will be release on Vinyl and Digitally on June 23rd by FTAM and HeWhoCorrupts, Inc. Get your wallets ready. If you want to help out in the meantime, you should buy stuff so I don't go completely broke before I put this out.

Second, I am shopping around a number of different finished full length releases from a host of different groups (Solo, Mountain Language, Bridges of Königsberg, Phoned Nil Trio and a quartet featuring myself, Tatsuya Nakatani, Amanda Schoofs and Jason Nanna). I truly feel this batch of recordings may be my best work to date. If you run a label (or know someone who does) and are interested in releasing some of this, please let me know and I will send it right away.

Third, I will be the featured artist at the May installment of Sensoria: Experiments in Time Based Media and Performance, a series of self-explanatory shows hosted by UWM and the Inova Gallery. I will be performing for close to an hour, presenting works stretching all the from to 2007 to right now, as I will debuting two brand new pieces. The event is free and all ages.

Fourth, I have a few other shows coming up with different groups. Bridges of Königsberg will playing at the cocoon room on wednesday and Mountain Language plays Quarters on May 13th. Both are with incredible touring acts.

Finally, Play in a Day is back from the grave! The crazy show that Insurgent Theatre and Alamo basement used to run where we would start writing a show at eight o'clock on friday then put it up at eight o'clock on saturday. It may be good? We haven't really written it yet, so I'm not sure. Going down at In Tandem.

That;s it for now. See you all soon.

CONTACT- peter@experimentalmilwaukee.com