9/24- Alright! Found a computer with dreamweaver so now I can fix my janky website. Rad. Two bits of news- First, I have finally gotten around to putting the entire FTAM distro up on discogs. So now you can buy every single thing in the distro from the comfort of your own home. Second, reviews for Impure Gold pt. II are starting to trickle in. Check them out here and here and here. Click on the projects link to order

9/1-Quick update: I have officially moved across the country and am now hunkering down in Cambridge, MA. This means that the store is officially back open and that the URL for this page is officially out of date. I will hopefully have something up and running soon. Expect another batch later in the spring and shows as soon as I figure out how to get things going in MA.

7/27- The Impure Gold Artist's Edition is officially ready to ship. Please see the projects page for details. I will also be going on tour this week and will have a limited number of them packed with me. If you definitely want one, though, hit me up and I will pack one specifically for you. I will also be shutting down the store for about a month starting thursday. You are welcome to order things during this time, but I won't be able to ship them. So order in the next two days. DO IT!




For more information or to be added to the mailing list (which updates about all FTAM news), email me at peter@experimentalmilwaukee.com. You can also find stuff on Facebook and Twitter.