6/23- It's here! The brand new batch featuring cassettes from Plague Mother, Justin Marc Lloyd, and Phoned Nil Trio is now available for order. Click on the Projects button to order.

In other news, Impure Gold pt. II by Peter J Woods is inches away from being done. The digital version is finished and available from HeWhoCorrupts, Inc but the vinyl is held up at the plant. You can pre-order the vinyl and get the download immediately at the bandcamp page.

Finally, the Impure Gold Artist Edition is also nearly complete. This edition will include both Impure Gold LP's on colored vinyl (Clear with Gold Splatter), a 16 page full color booklet featuring photography by Gabriella Schwartz and a dvd of short films by various Milwaukee film makers. Because this edition is only limited to 50 copies, I will only be selling these to people wh reserve a copy. You are welcome to do so by emailing me at peter@experimentalmilwaukee.com. Total cost will be $45 plus shipping.

5/30- For those looking to get a sneak peak of what the new batch is going to sound like, check out the soundcloud stream below. I will be adding samples from all four releases over the next few weeks. The first one from the Peter J. Woods LP is up now. Enjoy!

5/29- Getting closer and closer to new music. An addition to that- Along with the new LP will be three new cassettes from Phoned Nil Trio, Plague Mother and Justin Marc Lloyd.

Also, there will be one more FTAM show- June 20th at the Borg Ward with Kingston Family Singers. Come hang.

For more information or to be added to the mailing list (which updates about all FTAM news and (almost) all experimental shows happening in Milwaukee, email me at peter@experimentalmilwaukee.com. You can also find stuff on Facebook and Twitter.